Whip-It! 1/2 Liter Pro Plus Cream Whipper [FOOD PURPOSE ONLY]


Whip-It! 1/2 Liter Pro Plus Cream Whipper
The Whip-It! Pro Plus aluminum dispenser is a model of reliability. It is a multi-functional must-have in the kitchen, well-suited for creating a wide range of both hot and cold aerated products from creams, mousses and foams to soups, sauces, and dressings. Make light voluminous toppings for desserts, beverages, appetizers, and more.

Creamer Charger (N2O) sold separately

Made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum
Reusable, environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable cans
Available in a range of solid colors
Two-Year Warranty
Material: Aluminum Body and Head
Capacity: 1/2 Liter (500 ml)

Aluminum Charger Holder
3 decorator Tips
Tip-cleaning Brush
Recipe Booklet

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