URB Silly Kanna Calm Gummies - 975mg 15ct Jar


Urb Silly Gummies | Kanna 975mg

Urb Silly Gummies | Kanna 975mg is another exciting product emerging from their Psilly Gummies reformulation! This is a brand new blend coming from Lifted Made. Each gummy contains a 65mg blend of Kanna, turmeric, and ginger. Experience ultimate relaxation with an increase in sociability. Tumeric and ginger tie it in with health and wellness benefits such as anti-inflammation and heart health! These gummies provide more than just a feeling but an overall sense of well-being.

What Is Kanna?

Kanna is a plant with mood-altering and stress-reducing capabilities that the indigenous people of South Africa have used for centuries. Traditionally it is chewed or smoked. Since it has gained popularity in the united states, many companies have taken this as a chance to be innovative. You can get Kanna in capsulesvapes, and tinctures. It has even been used in pharmaceuticals to help create an antidepressant! Consider Kanna natures natural anti depressant.

Product Features:

  • Child Proof Resealable Jar
  • Blend of Kanna, Ginger, and Tumeric
  • 975mg Per Jar
  • 65MG Per Gummy

Lab Analysis

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