URB CBD-O Caviar Flower (7 Gram)


Urb THC-O Caviar Flower – 7 grams

Urb has truly become a leader in the thc-o market. This Caviar flower is indoor grown premium hemp infused with potent thc-o cavair distillate and terpenes. Each Urb thco Caviar jar contains 7 grams of flower. The Urb Brand is a leading manufacturer of hemp and hemp-derived products and their award-winning product line featured true seed to table products.

Urb THC-O  Caviar Flower Strains

  • Bubble Punch – Hybrid
  • Limon Lights – Sativa
  • Twisted Girlscout – Indica

Urb THC-O Caviar Flower Info

  • 7 Grams per jar
  • Premium Indoor Hand Trimmed hemp infused with THC-O
  • Total Cannabinoid is almost 50%

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