Trippy Extrax Amanita Muscaria Tinctures 1000mg


Trippy Extrax Amanita Muscaria Tincture 1000mg

Trippy Extrax Amanita Muscaria Tincture 1000mg is one of the products launching in Delta Extrax’s Trippy Extrax line! This line of products will all contain the prized Amanita Muscaria mushroom and other natural herbs and mushrooms to enhance the effects! These tinctures will be launched in 3 delicious flavors. These flavors include Lemon Citrus, Water Melons, and Blue Bliss!

Each 1000mg tincture is a proprietary blend of an amanita complex, CBD, Kava, Lions Mane, Hemp Seed Oil, and natural flavorings. Users won’t find any THC in these tinctures, but they may offer similar effects and relief!

The Amanita muscaria mushroom is a complex fungus that contains many alkaloids. Each alkaloid serves its purpose and function. Three of these alkaloids, Muscimol, Muscarine, and Ibotenic Acid, are responsible for most of this mushroom’s trippy effects!

That being said, Delta Extrax’s amanita complex is mainly comprised of these three alkaloids with a heavy lean toward muscimol. Delta Extrax has also added other natural herbs, such as kava and lions mane, to enhance the effects and aid in producing a more calming effect!

Turning Amanita Muscaria into a tincture form does have some positive benefits. One of these benefits is that the effects will hit users more quicker! Unlike a traditional edible such as an amanita muscaria gummy which has to be digested before feeling the effects, these tinctures are taken sublingually and reach the bloodstream quicker!

If users are looking for quick effects and quick relief from anxiety, stress, and day-to-day obstacles, tinctures are the best option aside from vaping! 

What Is Kava?

Kava is a plant well-known in the south pacific. This plant is made from the Piper methysticum plant and is known for its calming and relaxing properties. In the US, Kava has become known as the herb that gets users feeling drunk without touching any liquor! That being said, it does share many of the positive effects of alcohol with none of the negatives!

Users can expect to feel euphoria, relaxation, better overall well-being, and a feeling of being content. Kava is the perfect natural herb to combine with Amanita as many of the effects overlap and work synergistically to offer users more potent results.

Flavor Profiles:

  • Lemon Citrus
  • Water Melons
  • Blue Bliss

Product Features:

  • Ingredients: Muscimol (Amanita Muscaria), Hemp seed oil, Flavorings, CBD, Kava, Lions Mane. 
  • 1 fl oz.
  • 30ml
  • 1,000mg of Muscimol per tincture.
  • Lab Tested For Safety And Potency

Lab Analysis: Coming Soon

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