TRE House 40MG High Potency D9 + CBD Infused Chocolate Chip Cookie 7.99


TRE House 40MG High Potency D9+CBD Infused Cookie - Display of 12
The only thing that beats getting wasted and eating cookies is eating cookies that get you wasted! These High-Potency Delta 9 cookie is packed with a 1:1 ratio of D9 and CBD. With 20mg of Delta-9 THC and 20mg of CBD, you get to enjoy a perfectly balanced buzz that’ll leave you feeling great for hours.

1:1 THC: CBD
20mg Delta-9 THC per cookie
20mg full-spectrum CBD per cookie
2 servings per cookie
Warning: May cause psychotropic

What could possibly be better than biting into a delicious chocolate chip cookie? Chowing down on a chocolate chip cookie that is going to get you high AF! The Delta-9 THC cookie from TRĒ House is truly in a league of its own. This cookie tastes incredible, has a fantastic texture, and does exactly what its supposed to.

We love the taste of this cookie, but being delicious isn’t all it has going on. This impressive cookie is packed with a whopping 20mg of Delta-9 and a hearty 20mg serving of CBD. If you’re a fan of getting high as a kite while chowing down on cookies, we highly recommend you give this baby a try!



Single - 40mg Lab Report

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