Zebra Smoke Cloud 17.5 Inch Hose Hookah - Assorted Colors


Tanya Cloud 55 Hookah 21 Inch Double Hose Hookah Kit With Carrying Case - Assorted Colors
It's lightweight, has a sleek design, gives a good and enjoyable smoke, and is still very affordable. It was inspired by one of the most beautiful things in the world: The Sky, and the Tanya Cloud 55 Hookah truly captured the wholesome beauty of our sky.

1 x Glass Vase
1 x Shaft w/ Down-stem
1 x rubber Hose (Color Corresponding selected Hookah Color)
1 x Silicone Bowl
1 x Metal Ashtray
1 x Pair of tongs, All Rubber Seals
2 x Hose Hookah Pipe
1 x Hardside Carrying Case with silver handle (Color Corresponding selected Hookah Color)

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