Skwezed Salts Nicotine E-Liquid 30ML


Skwezed Salts Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 30ML


A fresh, sweet, and zesty pink grapefruit delivering the ultimate fresh fruit indulgence.

Green Apple
A delicious and sweet granny apple. It is so delicious that it has won awards!

If mango is something you love, this is it. Skwezed Mango is a sweet and tangy fruit that freshly dropped off of the trees they were hanging from.

Try Skwezed's version of the Lychee and find out why this South East Asian fruit is so sweet and delicious.

Skwezed's Peach is a light flavored fuzzy peach e-juice.

The fresh fruity taste of watermelon will undoubtedly leave you feeling refreshed.

Watermelon Ice
Watermelons always help you beat the heat in the Summer especially with a touch of ice!

Enjoy tons of tropical sweetness with a fruity essence attached to it with this intensifying Banana e-liquid.

Banana Ice
It’s the ideal banana savory having fruitiness and icy at the tip of your breath so you can inhale and exhale everything nice and ice!

We’ve got you something Strawberri-licious! This soothing and bright Strawberry E-Liquid is a total taste replenisher for your mouth.

Strawberry Ice
The chilliest Strawberry ICE E-Liquid is a tangy mixer for all the strawberry lovers having a strong preference for quality.

Watermelon Green Apple Ice
The sweet, aromatic flavor of Watermelon and delightfully tart hints of sour Green Apple to create an instantaneous, irresistible dynamic duo; but added a chill to it

Watermelon Strawberry
The overwhelmingly sweet taste of juicy watermelon and ripened strawberries

Watermelon Strawberry Ice
Indulge in the well known fruity flavors of Watermelon & Strawberry as a brisk burst of iciness breaks through

Watermelon White Grape
The refreshingly light flavor of white grape, this taste is easily paired with the overwhelmingly juiciness of watermelon

Watermelon White Grape Ice
Notes of juicy watermelons and sweet white grapes enhanced with refreshing menthol

Watermelon Green Apple
An explosion of both flavors hits users in waves as they fully inhale; both tastes act as a summer refresher of sorts to assist in staying cool throughout the day.

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