Skwezed Freeze E-Liquid 100ML


Skwezed Iced E-Liquid 100ML 
Skwezed comes in a 100-ML e-liquid bottle and is available in a variety of flavors to choose from.

24 Availabe Flavors:

Watermelon Ice
Watermelons always help you beat the heat in the Summer especially with a touch of ice!

Banana Ice
It’s the ideal banana savory having fruitiness and icy at the tip of your breath so you can inhale and exhale everything nice and ice!

Green Apple Ice
A simple yet juicy blend of green apples with just the right balance of sweet and tart with a chilly finish.

Strawberry Ice
The chilliest Strawberry ICE E-Liquid is a tangy mixer for all the strawberry lovers having a strong preference for quality.

Grapefruit Ice
Capturing the cross between citrusy grapefruit enhanced with a menthol chill for a sensational blend that will chill the soul.

Lychee Ice
Super sweet, super unique, and now iced!

Mango Ice
If you love the taste of real, delicious, fresh mango and you love the feel of cool, soothing menthol, the Skwezed Mango Ice is the perfect e-juice for you!

Peach Ice
It is designed to taste exactly like an authentic, juicy, sweet, fuzzy peach with Ice

Watermelon White Grape Ice
Notes of juicy watermelons and sweet white grapes enhanced with refreshing menthol

Watermelon Strawberry Ice
Indulge in the well known fruity flavors of Watermelon & Strawberry as a brisk burst of iciness breaks through

Mint Ice
This will send an exhilarating kick of mint to the taste buds. As the icy flavor lingers behind, it leaves a frosty tingle in its wake.

Mixed Berries Ice
Made from a juicy trifecta of chilled, in-season berries that only get better as each taste is more refreshing than the last. Thanks to the frosted flavors of bold blueberry, ripe raspberry, and sweet strawberry.

Pink Lemonade Ice
A sensational flavor with a phenomenal fusion of zesty lemon and a wonderful hint of popping pink on ice.

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