Ruthless E-Juice


Ruthless E-liquid flavors are award-winning vape juice tastes . Made and tested in the USA since 2011 with only the highest quality ingredients Flavors.


Grape Drank
The flavor of grape candy and grape soda. 85%VG/15%PG

Grape Drank on Ice
Grape Drank on Ice E-Juice comprises all the grape berry flavors Grape Drank vape lovers enjoy but with a menthol twist. 

A mixture of strawberry and watermelon. 90%VG/10%PG

Ez-Duz-It Ice
Strawberry and Watermelon with Menthol. 85%VG/15%PG

A tropical blend of peach, papaya, and guava. 90%VG/10%PG

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