RAW CDT+ Terp Spray - 5ML Bottle


RAW CDT+ Terp Spray - 5ML Bottle 
Spray a few pumps of terp spray onto your RAW Paper, RAW Cone, or your smoking material. Wait six minutes before lighting.

Cannabis-Native Terpenes
Botanical Extracted Terpenes To Unlock The True Power of the Plant

RAW CDT+ Terp Spray - 5ML Bottle

Available Sprays:
Orange Soda
Dominant Terps of Myrcene – Intensifies and Amplifies!

Dominant Terps of Limonene – Relieves Cough Lock and Lifts You Up!

Sour Apple
Dominant Terps of Caryophllene – The Only Terp that Acts as a Cannabinoid!

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