Ooze Designer Series 1 Ounce Mylar Bag 10-Pack Box

Stash and store your smelliest strains with ease when you pack them in an Ooze Designer Series Mylar Bag! These feature classic Ooze rolling tray designs, and the 1 oz size holds up to, you guessed it, an ounce, or 28g of flower. Each box is packed with 10 individual bags, so you can divide up your strains or make it easy to dose it out. These bags can be used to store just about anything! They are airtight, extremely durable, and child resistant.

  • TREE OF LIFE | The Tree of Life mylar bags feature a zoomed-in version of the fan favorite Tree of Life rolling tray design. A large tree is rooted to a planet and is floating in the middle of a solar system, and the tree’s planet is oozing slime into the ocean below.
  • MYLAR | Mylar bags are a great storage option because they have an airtight seal that is smell proof, child resistant, and are very difficult to rip or tear. They also take up much less room than other storage options like pop tops or jars.
  • CAPACITY | The 1 ounce size mylar bags comfortably fit up to 28g of flower. These small bags measure 9” tall by 5.875” wide.
  • 10CT BOX | Each individual box includes 10 mylar bags. There is a window on the front to show the bag’s design, and the slim package makes it easy to pull a bag out, and save the rest for later.

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