Ooze Comet 1200mAh Quartz E-Nail Kit


Solar Hits on the Go! Leave the atmosphere with this portable eRig. Available in both Black and Chrome, the Ooze Comet eRig is the perfect handheld dabbing tool for those of you looking for something quick, lightweight and easy. Perfect for vaporizing your favorite concentrate, extract, or essential oil!


  • 5 Second Warm Up. Will continue heating for 20 seconds before cutoff. 
  • Long Lasting 1200 MAH Battery
  • Small & Portable Dab Rig
  • Built-In Silicone Stash Jar 


  • OOZE 1200 mAh Battery 
  • 1 QUARTZ Nail 
  • 1 CERAMIC Nail 
  • 1 TITANIUM Nail 
  • Water Bubbler Glass Attachment 
  • Stainless Steel Carb Cap 
  • Magnetic Ceramic Dab Tool 
  • Built-In Silicone Jar 
  • Magnetic Stand 
  • Micro USB Charger 
  • User Manual


Looking for replacements?
Click here to purchase Glass Water Bubbler Attachment
Click here to purchase Battery  
Click here to purchase Base Stand
Click here to purchase Carb Cap
Click here to purchase Titanium Coil
Click here to purchase Ceramic Coil
Click here to purchase Quartz Coil
Click here to purchase Basement with Ceramic Coil
Click here to purchase Stash Container
Click here to purchase USB Charger 

Please be advised that overnight charging may lead to possible internal damage. We recommend only charging your battery for 1-2 hours.


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