Not Your Bakery CBDa Concentrate 2.5 Gram


Not Your Bakery THCA Concentrate redefines the meaning of potency, delivering an exceptional experience that goes beyond conventional concentrates. Whether your customers are seeking to explore new dimensions of relaxation or elevate their THC-A encounters, this concentrate is the ideal choice. Trust in our wholesale supply of Not Your Bakery THCA Concentrate to provide your customers with an extraordinary product that will surpass their expectations.

Not Your Bakery THCA Concentrate Features:

  • Pure THC-A Dabs.
  • Contains 99% THC-A.
  • 1G. per Jar.
  • 5 units per Pack.
  • **Extreme High Potency**


Not Your Bakery THCA Concentrate Flavors:

  • Cereal Mix - Hybrid: Savor the nostalgic blend of sweet cereal flavors in this tantalizing hemp concentrate strain.
  • Truffle Cookies - Indica: Indulge in the rich and decadent taste of truffles, complemented by the soothing effects of this indica hemp concentrate strain.
  • Papaya Runtz - Sativa: Experience a tropical paradise with the vibrant fusion of papaya and the energizing effects of this sativa hemp concentrate strain.

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