Incensation Premium Incense Sticks - Pack of 12


A Feast for the senses!

From its Inception, MOHAN INCENSE “The Ultimate Recommendation for the TRUE Incense Connoisseur"

Incensation is made of pure charcoal incense hand rolled in the finest herbs, spices, oil, honey, and sandalwood powder. Charcoal’s porous structure is a highly efficient agent for absorbing pure essential oils in the manufacturing of superior quality incense sticks. The mission of Incensation is to educate consumers about inferior incense products made of pig excrement or pork rinds, which when burned, can cause harm to one’s health. Incensation promotes the use of safe ingredients in the manufacturing of incense.

MOHAN, being the first company to develop designer fragrances (type) like Paris Hilton, Joop, Jordan, Cool Water, Angel, and Khush (the leading seller in the United States for the past ten (10) years).

Incensation is bringing the classics along with some new designer fragrances (type) like Jean Paul Gaultier, Splash (brothers), and Coco Mango.

12 x Sticks Per Pack

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