Titanium Cubes Charcoal 72ct


Titanium Cubes

Titanium Hookah coals are some of the most popular coals on the market. These coals are made from 100% compressed coconut shell with 0% additives. The cubes are super dense and smooth making them longer lasting while providing an even burn and fantastic taste. The cubes are larger coals for those who prefer a bigger, traditionally shaped coal. The Titanium Cubes box comes with 72 natural coconut coals. 

Titanium Cubes Features

  • 100% Compressed Coconut Shell
  • No Additives 
  • Long Lasting 
  • Superior Taste
  • Even Burn Temperature 
  • Large Traditionally Shaped Coal

Titanium Cubes Includes

  • 72 - Natural Coconut Shell Cubes

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