Hookah John Titanium Coconut Coals - 1KG Box - 108 Flat Pieces


Titanium Flats

Titanium Flats are the smallest coals out of the Titanium Series. These coals are flat cubes that are great for any bowl and heat management systems. Like all titanium coals, the flats are 100% pressed coconut shell and never contain fillers. The flats will give you an even burn with superior taste. The Titanium Flats Box contains 108 coconut coals. 

Titanium Flats Features

  • 100% Compressed Coconut Shell
  • No Additives 
  • Long Lasting 
  • Superior Taste
  • Even Burn Temperature 

Titanium Flats Includes

  • 108 - Natural Coconut Shell Flat Coals

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