Honey Stick Performance 510 Oil Cartridge / Vape Tank


The HoneyStick Performance 510 Oil Cartridge / Vape Tank

It has always been a challenge to close the performance gap between sub ohm tanks and 510 thread oil tanks that can work with standard 510 thread batteries and concealers. HoneyStick has launched this little performance beast to really take 510 Thread Tanks to that next level of output and performance. This tank provides great flavor and just plain rips hit after hit. Several customers also have difficulty filling small 510 thread tanks because of the limited space between the tank reservoir and center post.

Top-Fill Oil Vape Cartridge

In this 510 thread oil tank when you fill it the center post and heater of the tank are removed to create a large easy surface to fill with your perfect oil. At the Hear of this best lies a Ceramic powerplant that has instant heat up times but provides purity and a hit volume you simply don't get out of 510 thread oil tanks. Try this tank if you like big flavor notes and monster rips out of your 510 Oil Tank.

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