Honey Stick Oil Recovery & Vape Pen Cartridge Refill Kit


The HoneyStick Oil Recovery & Vape Pen Cartridge Refill Kit

What to do when your vape cartridge stops working and there is still oil left in the tank? How do you recover oil when your 510 thread tank fails? how to fix a broken cart? how do you recover oil from your vape pen if it won't fire? What if your disposable pen's battery dies before the tank is used up? How do you switch oil from one tank to another? How to avoid a messy refill of your small pen cartridge? All of these questions are answered with the HoneyStick Oil Recovery Kit which is the inexpensive little kit that comes with everything you need to salvage your precious oil from broken vape tanks, dead vape cartridges, or non-working vape pens. Simply use the contents and watch our instructional video and you can salvage/extrapolate oils safely. Each kit comes with different length and gauge ( thickness) blunt needle tips so that you can draw out thick or thin oils from broken vape carts or navigate into a cartridge that doesn't work anymore that has small space in between the center post. This kit has you covered, for any expert vaper, it's like having a flat tire, it will happen to you sometime if you drive so be prepared with this little set so you can salvage your expensive oils with this handy little set. Cut the Turmoil and recover your oil with this awesome little set!!!


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