Himalayan Hemp Backpack


Equip Yourself with Durable Himalayan Hemp Backpack from Hemp Authority

Hemp backpacks are durable and environmentally responsible. These backpacks have a fantastic natural feel to them, while still having the quality stitching and design of a modern backpack. Spacious main zippered compartment, more than enough room for textbooks, laptops, or anything else you wish to carry. Two front zippered pockets for small item storage. Two side pockets for additional storage capacity. Adjustable straps. Assorted colors and styles will vary backpack to backpack. Each will have a minimum of one main compartment with separated internal velcro  pocket inside of it, two small side pockets, and an additional front smaller zippered pocket. Certain bags may have additional features beyond that.

Dimensions: 18″x 12″x 6″

Fair Wage Verified Made in Nepal

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