Hidden Hills Live Resin Disposable 2G D11 / D9 / CBD-P Fire Fire Fire Blend


Shop the Hidden Hills Disposables, featuring 2G capacity of a premium blend of D11, D9, and THC-P cannabinoids conveniently ready for on-the-go sessions.

Hidden Hills Disposable 2G Features:
• Capacity: 2G
• Strain: Indica / Sativa / Hybrid
• Cannabinoid: D11 / D9 / THC-P Blend
• Concentrate: Distillate
• Operation: Firing-Button Activation
• Charging Port: USB Type-C
• LED Battery Life Indicator
• Child-Resistant Packaging
• 1 Hidden Hills Disposable 2G
Available Options:
Blueberry Gelato, Blackberry Mamba, Candy Cane Runtz, London Shaved Ice, Rainbow Beltz, Gusher Breath

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