Hi Drip Freeze E-Liquid 100ML


Hi-Drip Iced E-Liquid 100ML
Hi-Drip Iced E-liquid 100ML has a variety of different flavors and available in different amount of nicotine.


Island Orange / Blood Orange Pineapple
Take a trip to a fruity tropical paradise anytime of the day with this sensationally sweet vape. Powerfully fragrant blood orange and juicy pineapple flavor packed into one perfect treat.

Dewberry / Honeydew Strawberry
Sink your teeth into an irresistibly juicy treat bursting with succulent honeydew flavor and rounded out by smooth notes of strawberry, this vape will send you over the edge.

Melon Patch / Mango Peach
Give your taste buds the ride of their life with a powerful hit of mango peach. Every puff unleashes a sweet and fragrant gush of ripe mango melded with sweet peach and finished with the signature taste of chewy deliciousness.

Melon / Water Melons
Indulge in the ridiculously delicious taste of the juiciest taste of the juiciest watermelon chew you've ever had! Refreshing yet sugary sweet,its sure to be the highlight of your summer.

Nectarine Lychee
Capture the vibrant notes of sweet nectarines mixed with mellow flavor of exotic lychees that will entice the taste buds.

Guava Lava
A juicy blend of guava and sweet strawberries.

Passion Fruit Lemonade
Transfer to island time with Hi-Drip Passionfruit Lemonade! Features a fruity passionfruit inhale with a sweet & tart lemonade exhale with an icy finish!

White Peach Strawberry
Crisp, juicy white peaches fused with sweet, tangy strawberries, creates a bursting paradise of mouth watering fresh fruit notes, with a cool mint kick. This delicious combination will have you wanting more!

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