Graham Slam By The Mamasan E-Liquid 100ML


Graham Slam - Golden graham cracker mixed with delicious milk!


Graham Slam by The Mamasan 100ml is a golden graham cracker mixed with delicious milk! With this delicate blend of Milk flavored vape juice and graham cracker-flavored vape juice, you won't feel like you're eating soggy crackers with too much milk. Instead, The Mamasan delivers the fantastic experience of dipping a crunchy graham cracker into ice-cold milk for the first time, every time.

On the inhale of The Mamasan Graham Slam, smooth creamy crusted graham cracker hits your taste buds with goodness. While you exhale the milky flavor balances out the flavor. This complex blend comes together perfectly, bringing together its deliciousness of graham cracker, the incredible smoothness of a cream, and the addition of silky milk that brings it all together. The Mamasan prides itself on crafting tasty flavors with top-notch high-quality ingredients to ensure that every puff you take is full of flavor you would expect from a premium e-liquid brand.

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, The Mamasan E-Liquid has become one of the industry’s biggest successes. Its founder, Ryan Chalme, has been building the company to success since 2016, and today it is one of the industry’s most popular brands to exist. The Mamasan E-Liquid is a large manufacturing company that specializes in developing premium vape juice. It has created and developed a remarkable collection of well-balanced flavor profiles, which are all Asian-inspired. With its unique offering, the use of the highest quality ingredients, satisfying nicotine, and blends that are sure to please, you simply won’t find anything that can compete. The Mamasan is a perfectly built brand, and with so many perks to its products, it is leading the industry forward.

Graham Slam by The Mamasan is an awesome flavor that tastes incredibly authentic. The sheer time and dedication it took to create this realistic flavor should be at least worth your attention. Every moment you spend with it is a moment you will certainly appreciate.

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