FVKD Exotics Blue Lotus Extract Disposable 3.5g


FVKD Exotics Blue Lotus Extract Disposable 3.5g

FVKD Exotics Blue Lotus Extract Disposable 3.5g is another new, unique, and innovative product line from FVKD. With Blue Lotus growing in popularity and set to be the next Amanita Muscaria entering the scene, FVKD wanted to take a whack at it. If users have tried their liquid diamonds disposables or their new THCa Rosin devices, they know they can expect a high-quality product!

Thus far, there are only two Blue Lotus disposable vapes available. Sugar X Exodus Dope Boys Disposable and Torch Sapphire Blend Disposables. Both of these disposables contain a blend including Blue Lotus Extract with the addition of cannabinoids. These FVKD Exotics disposables follow suit containing a proprietary blend of Blue Lotus Extract, HHC, and CDT’s!

Each 3.5g disposable contains 3500mg of pure Blue Lotus Extract, HHC, and all-natural flavoring. Users can expect deep relaxation throughout the entire body, release tension, and a quiet mind. Many users report Blue Lotus has many of the same effects as cannabinoids such as Delta 9 but with a heavier focus on relaxation.

FVKD has kept the same stellar hardware they use for all their devices. Each device has a sleek and compact design for comfort, ceramic coil technology for enhanced flavor, and USBC charging.

This Blue Lotus line is launching in three tasty flavors that users will surely enjoy!

Flavor Profiles:

  • Blue Taffy
  • Pink Rozay
  • Strawberry Shortcake

Product Features:

  • 3.5g Disposable Vape (3500mg Active Ingredients)
  • Blue Lotus Extract
  • HHC Extract For Synergistic Effects Of The Blue Lotus Extract
  • GMO-Free + All Natural Flavors
  • Ceramic Coil Technology + USBC Charging
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

Lab Analysis: Coming Soon

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