In Greek Mythology, drinking ambrosia was believed to make you immortal. The sweet melon taste and thick delicious smoke Fumari Ambrosia delivers with every puff makes it a legend in its own time. And while this ambrosia may not bring you immortality, you'll at least be a modern-day god of clouds.

Blueberry Muffin 

You know the aroma of fresh, hot blueberry muffins filling a room? Now put that in your hookah bowl and you've got yourself a Fumari Blueberry Muffin. Mmmm. It's worth the wafting.

Spiced Chai

One of the Fumari team favorites. Drink in the flavor of Spiced Chai through fluffy clouds of smoke. It's a delicious creamy blend of sweet, smooth vanilla with complex aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.

White Gummi Bear

Like shoveling a handful of white gummy bears in your mouth, this sweet White Gummi Bear's pineapply, citrusy taste doesn't hold back any punches. It's the current champ in our line up.

Red Gummi Bear

If you're human, then you probably get excited each time you pick a red from a bag of gummies. We get the same excitement each time we pack a bowl of Red Gummi Bear. It's a wild cherry, with a hint of raspberry, and it reminds us of those irresistible red bears.

Citrus Mint 

You don't have to be a mint smoker to love this flavor. Fumari Citrus Mint is a refreshing mash-up of citrus blends with a cool, yet tame infusion of mint.

White Peach 

A great all-around-anytime-anywhere kind of flavor. The elegant taste of white peaches will soak into your taste buds. Fumari White Peach is a long-time customer favorite, and one we smoke on the regular.

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