FRYD E-Liquid 60ML


Bottled & brewed in the sunny state’s city of angels, FRYD E-Liquids brings the ‘deep-fry everything’ mentality of your local carnival with 4 flavors of boardwalk inspired treats! FRYD offers simplistic blends with Banana and the creamier profiles of Cream Cake and Cookies and Cream! Plus who doesn't love FRYD Ice Cream? 


Funnel Cake
A delicious deep-fried batter topped with a thin layer of powdered sugar that melts in your mouth. A nostalgic treat that brings back memories of your favorite summer carnival.

Oreos / FRYD Cream Cookie
A deep-fried cookies and cream treat with rich chocolate and sweet filling just like at the carnival. This vape is out of this world good.

Ice Cream
A creamy and delicious ice cream vape

Cream Cake
Indulge in the light and creamy taste of America’s most beloved and famous treat.

A deep-fried golden banana slices with butterscotch, buttery cream and crunchy graham crackers.

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