Five Star E-Juice 120ml


Flavor Profiles:

AMERICAN PIE: Tailored to the Dessert aficionados, Five Star Juice brings a harmonious blend of different savory Apples smothered in soft velvety Caramel, good ol' traditional Pie Crust and topped off with Sweetened Whipped Cream that culminates into what is THE American Pie.
CARAMEL NUTZ: A traditional Caramel that is robust and full of flavor, accompanied by a Nutty aftertaste to complete this Savory delight.
FRUIT-O'S: A crafted liquid that is almost nostalgic; a multi layered blend that starts off with a reminiscent Fruit Cereal and ends with a subtle Creamy note.
MISO JUICY: A nice blend of Citrus Fruits, to go along with a Tangy splash of Sour. Miso Juicy is a perfect pick me up.
RICHIE RICH: Distinguished as it is savory. Rich in culture, it consists of Asiatic, European and American Berries in a smooth and delicate blend of French and Bavarian creme filling.
THUNDER FLOOD: A mix of multiple exotic Fruits, including Banana and juicy Pineapple. Perfect for a summer breeze and guaranteed mouthwatering satisfaction.

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