Green Apple Blackcurrant
The crisp green apple scent is addictive from the moment you take a sip. Hit long and you'll easily recognize the background layer of juicy blackcurrants, full of vibrancy and spice.

Strawberry Ice
The sweetness of strawberries spreads on your tongue and you can enjoy the unique flavor of strawberries. Strawberry ice cream with a fruity aroma and rich taste. A light, cool menthol chill is felt as you exhale, and the first puff transports you to strawberry heaven. very good.

Strawberry Juicy Peach
Enjoy Elf Bar's wonderful strawberry flavor carefully blended with juicy peach flavors. This carefully blended blend has a crisp yellow peach flavor that stands out and fills the palate with deliciousness.

Cool Mint
A Touch of Cool Mint - Cool, crisp and wintery feel that will keep you cool in the height of summer. For fans of arctic cold. Be prepared to put on your winter jacket after smoking an e-cigarette.

Cola Ice
Fizzy bubbly cola. The coolness of menthol is accented, and it is a fun taste where you can enjoy the real and authentic taste of cola.

Grape Honeydew
A bold honeydew melon with a fresh, juicy taste that drips with honey. Grapes tend to fade into the background, bringing fruity and spicy notes.

Peach Mango Watermelon
Crunchy peach, fragrant mango and juicy watermelon create a trio of fruity notes with a fruity punch. This beautiful vape has a tropical flavor with strong notes of peach and mango that will make you salivate every time you need a break. If you're looking for something fruity with complex and exquisite flavors, this might be for you.

Cranberry Grape
The acidity and spice of cranberries pair perfectly with juicy, zesty table grapes. Exquisite taste with unique grape flavor, cranberry added spicy taste envelops the lips.

Popcorn Caramel
You can definitely get crispy popcorn here. Next comes tart and sweet caramel that doesn't overwhelm the flavor of the popcorn. Perfect for when you want something with a dessert flavor.

Vanilla Ice Cream
A sensational vanilla ice cream, Elf Bar really captures the flavor of ice cream. Indulge yourself with this simple and delicious ice cream with the aroma and flavor of real vanilla.

Vanilla Custard
A bold, bold custard with authentic vanilla aromas and flavors. Your tongue will feel a velvety, deliciously creamy sensation that glides across your tongue.

Winter Melon
The latest flavor of Eleven Birds, which adds an icy menthol scent to a juicy, not-too-sweet honeydew melon.

Juicy Peach
Enjoy sweet Georgia peaches packed with juicy peach nectar. Please enjoy the ultimate peach experience that will definitely satisfy you. Contains a touch of cooling menthol to enhance the overall peach flavor.

Green Apple Blackcurrant
One of the newest additions to the Elf Bar 6,000 Series, enjoy the crunchy green Granny Smith apple sprinkled with blackcurrants, a childhood favorite. Acidity and spiciness, pleasant taste of menthol.

Lime Cactus
Spicy lime mixed with cactus? What? Get a juicy green lime with a signature refreshing spiciness and a smooth, gentle cactus background note that adds texture and juicy mouthfeel to the lime.

Sakura Grape
Partly floral with a unique twist, cherries feature a rosy flavor that pairs beautifully with the crunchy sweetness of grapes. A boost of menthol is added to give you that adventurous flavor that's been so popular lately. Once you've tasted the cherry blossom grapes, you'll definitely want to embrace them with open arms.

Pecan Butter
The delicious aroma of butter, smooth and silky, and perfectly roasted pecans makes for a great after-meal dessert. It does not contain menthol.

Strawberry Mango
Like the strawberry mango starburst candy, this combination just melts in your mouth. Flavor after wave, Tropical Storm with these two tropical flavors. Get caught up in a typhoon of flavors with this one.

Cinnamon Orange
Christmas specials launched worldwide by ELF Bar. Expect a tangy orange main flavor with a sprinkling of spicy cinnamon. This is recommended for those who like the aftertaste of cinnamon!

Taro Yam
The spiciness and sweetness of the yam add another special flavor to this dish. Taro Yam is his dessert-like vape, with a cool potato-like texture that slides down the tongue with strong flavor notes like ube and yam. Super neat!

Grape Honeydew
Delicious honeydew and spicy grape flavors are a feast for the senses. A wonderful fruity combination with bold, juicy notes of honeydew, but with an added hint of juicy grapes to create a lovely spicy vibe. Juicy!

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