Delta Extrax Omega D8 + CBD-O Cartridge | 1 Gram


Delta Extrax THC-O Cartridge | 1 Gram

Delta Extrax Omega Series consists of one of the most powerful cannabinoids on the planet called THC-O. THC-O is reported to have hallucinating feelings as well as extreme relaxation. These Delta Extrax Omega series carts are currently offered in 1 gram size and two different strain options. Delta Extrax takes extreme pride in using only the purest and cleanest THC-O extract, Delta 8 thc extract, and organic terpenes in every cartridge. If your looking to step up your potency then this is the product for you!

Delta Extrax THC-O Cartridge Strains

  • Golden Pineapple OG
  • Mimosa

Delta Extrax THC-O Cartridge Product Info

  • 1 gram 510 thread cartridge
  • THC-O and Delta 8 THC
  • Organic Terpenes
  • USA Hemp Derived

Additional Product Information

  • Suggested Use: 1-2 puffs to establish individual tolerance
  • Ingredients: Delta 8 distillate, THC-O distillate, and terpenes


Omega Collection

Our Omega Collection features premium THC-Acetate known as THC-O, that is enriched into our blend of Delta 8 THC. In our Omega Collection you will find different types of strains and methods of use. Although some products tend to be a little stronger than others, the best THC-O product comes down to your preference. All of our cartridges in the Omega Collection are top sellers and if you subscribe you will get a special discount.

What is THC-O?

Chemically speaking THC-O is derived from Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), the precursor to THC. Because it is an isolate and is odorless and tasteless, THC-O can be used as the base ingredient in a variety of products. Everything from vape cartridges, gummies, disposables, etc. can be made with THC-O as a component.

Will THC-O get me high?

THC-O offers a more potent high and users report it as being an introspective, almost spiritual experience. It is said to take you to an almost alternate state, more akin to the ‘trips’ associated with the milder hallucinogens. However, we enrich our THC-O with Delta 8 THC in order to produce a more tolerable high that users can enjoy.

THC-O Hybrid Strains

The 3 primary strains in THC-O are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Hybrid strain combines the best of Indica and Sativa properties. What makes the Hybrid strains very sought after is the fact that they tend to empower the best properties while usually having 1 trait more dominant than the other. The potency of Sativa is the same as THC-O Indica or Hybrid strains.

Is THC-O Potent?

Although THC-O by itself it’s extremely potent, we enrich our Delta 8 THC to make it enjoyable. This means that when THC-O is enriched with other cannabinoids it produces a more tolerable yet potent experience. Also, if you take too much THC-O at one time you might not enjoy the type of experience that it produces. Therefore, we recommend going off the suggested use that’s located on the back of the label of each product.

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