Delta Extrax Goliath Starter Kit


Delta Extrax Goliath Starter Kit

Delta Extrax is completely changing the game with the most anticipated pod device system on the market. Presenting the all-new Delta Extrax Goliath Stater Kit which comes with 2 pods and the battery device. Each pod has a potent blend of Live Resin Delta-8, Delta-6, THC-P, THC-B & HXY-11. The Delta Extrax Goliath Starter Kit comes with two pods which are Berry Blue and Hawaiian Snow. The Delta Extrax Goliath Pods are available 3 different flavors – Berry Blue, London Poundcake & Hawaiian Snow and can be purchased separately. This pod system makes vaping your favorite cannabinoids super easy because once you finish a pod, simply throw away the empty and snap in a new one. This pod system should easily be the fan favorite for its ease of use and also its vapor production.

Additional Product Info

  • Made by Delta Extrax
  • 2ml capacity per pod
  • Rechargeable Device
  • Starter Kit comes with 2 pods (Berry Blue & Hawaiian Snow) + Battery Device
  • Proprietary Device and Pod System For Delta Extrax Pods ONLY

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