Delta Extrax Goliath Pods 2 Pods (1g Pods)


Delta Extrax Goliath Pods | 2g

The Delta Extrax Goliath have a very powerful blend of Delta-8 THC, HXY-11, & THC-H Live Resin. These pods are available in 3 different flavors and are only compatible with the Delta Extrax Goliath Starter Kit Device. Pick your choice as Delta Extrax offers them in 3 different flavors and 3 different strains. These pods are custom built to fit only the Goliath battery device.

Delta Extrax Goliath Pod Flavors

  • Berry Blue – (Indica) – A fruity indica strain that features a sweet blueberry flavor.
  • London Pound Cake – (Hybrid) – A true dessert-like hybrid strain that features hints of sweet vanilla similar to that of a baked cake.
  • Hawaiian Snow – (Sativa) A very aromatic Sativa strain that features a blend of fruity and sweet tropical flavors.

Featured Cannabinoids

  • HXY11-THC – One of the latest and hottest cannabinoids to hit the hemp industries market. There seems to be some confusion as to why sometimes its called HXY-11 and Delta-11 THC. The body converts delta-8 and delta-9 into 11-hydroxy. With this bodily process happening, delta extrax was able to implement 11-hydroxy (aka delta-11 thc) into their products. This process and cannabinoid yields an extremely potent result. The point of delta-11 is to replicate the feeling of ingesting an edible.
  • Delta 8 THC – While delta-8 THC is less potent than delta-11, this cannabinoid adds a great relaxing and calming feeling to any product it is used in.
  • THC-H and Live Resin – THC-H stands for tetrahydrocannabihexol which is said to be ten times more potent than delta- 9 thc. This potency leads to the body absorbing more thc. Live resin gives products a much more flavorful experience to any product it is used in. Because live resin is made by freezing the plant as soon as it is harvested, the terpenes extracted from the plant retain much more flavor.

Additional Product Info

  • Made by Delta Extrax
  • 1ml capacity per pod
  • Blend of Delta-8, HXY-11 & TCH-H Live Resin
  • For Use Only With Goliath Battery Device

  • Choice of 3 delicious flavors
  • 2 pods per pack (1g per pod)
  • Only compatible with Delta Extrax Goliath Device
  • Potent Blend Of THC-H,D-8+HXY-11 With Live Resin

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