Cloud Nurdz TFN E-Liquid 100ML


Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Nicotine E-Liquid 100ML
Cloud Nurdz contains synthetic nicotine with wide range of mixed fruity flavors and bottled in a secure tight bottle for convivence with a capacity is 100ml.


Blue Raspberry Lemon
Ultimately tastes like a tart and zesty blue raspberry flavor.

Grape Apple
Plump purple grapes are smashed with crisp autumn apples.

Watermelon Apple
Close your eyes and inhale deeply for the soft and succulent taste of juicy pink watermelon candy, and relax as luxurious waves of fresh-cut apples take over

Strawberry Grape
It is a drool worthy candied fruit vape that combines sweet purple grape and tangy summer strawberry

Peach Blue Raspberry
It is a concoction of blueberries & raspberries and peach rings mixed together into one masterpiece.

Kiwi Melon
It takes fresh kiwi, ripe melon and blended them together to make this ADV god like mix of tropical fruit juice that is sure to please.

Strawberry Lemon
It might give you a strawberry lemonade flavor, but it will be a lot sweeter than you think.

Aloe Mango
It is a perfectly balanced blend smooth aloe and sweet, tropical mango for an incredible all day vape flavor.

Sour Watermelon Strawberry
It is a concoction of fruity watermelon & strawberries with a sour taste.

Strawberry Mango
This flavor features a combination of mangoes and fresh strawberries.

Watermelon Berry
A mixture of flavorful watermelon with ripe blueberries.

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