Beamer DePiper Plastic Ashtray - 4 Inches

The Beamer DePiper is an incredibly useful ashtray that helps you to cash your bowls and pipes. It features a long, sharp spike that can reach into almost any bowl or pipe and remove the ash inside, even making it easy to clean out pipes with tons of built-up gunk on them. Please be careful and keep away from children. The spoke is sharp and this product can be a fire hazard. Extinguish any burning or hot material right away.

Ashtray with built-in pipe casher
Easily cleans out bowls and pipes
Simply turn over your pipe and scrape out the ash
High edges prevent ash from spilling elsewhere
Ensure all material is extinguished before leaving

1 x Beamer DePiper Plastic Ashtray - 4 Inches

Available Colors:
Opaque Baby Blue | Opaque Black | Opaque Blood Orange | Opaque Gray | Opaque Green | Opaque White

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