Activ-8 50MG D8 Hemp Syrup With 2 x Cups 4 fl oz

Grab your double cup and pour up the sweet juices of Activ-8! Shake or stir it up with your favorite beverage and prepare for the Activ-8 boosts of 98% Delta 8 Hemp THC.

<0.3% Delta 9 THC
2 Servings (2oz each)
2 Activ8 Foams Cups
Measuring Cup

Activ-8 50MG Delta 8 Hemp Syrup 4 fl oz

Available Flavors:
The full-flavor green apple syrup is perfect for any get-together or event.

Blue Razz
Out of the blue comes this captivating syrup that will take your drink to the next level.

Cherry Activ-8 is your gateway to relaxation with a smile.

Grape Activ8 is the perfect match for anyone looking to turn up.

This full-flavored hemp thc syrup drops a sun-drenched grove into any concoction.

The perfect summer turnup choice!

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