Looper X Packwoods 3G Exotic Packs Blends 11-Hydroxy-CBD + CBD-H + CBD-B + CBD-P Caviar Blunts


Dimo x Packs bring you the finest exotic blend of Caviar Blunts. These caviar blunts are unique because each strain contains a different blend of THC-JD + THC-H + THC-P + 11-Hydroxy THC + THC-B + D9-O + HHC + THCP-O. Each pack contains contains 2x 1.5-gram blunts totaling 3-grams total. Each blunt is then painted in potent distillate and hand rolled in Keif. These blunts are 2018 farm bill compliant containing less than .3% delta-9 THC.

Looper x Packwoods Caviar Blunts Strains

  • Candyland (Sativa) – THC-JD + THC-H + THC-P
  • Grandaddy Purp (Indica) – D11 + THC-H + THC-B + THC-P
  • Gelonade (Hybrid) – D9-O + HHC + THCP-O

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